“Jennifer coaches from a pure heart. She provides a safe space where I feel completely at home and at ease. She listens gently yet deeply and her acknowledgement and encouragement is life changing. Hire her and watch your wings spread wide and your life open up.”

Kim Ann Curtin,
CPCC, CEO & Founder, The Wall Street Coach

“Life coaching must be Jennifer's calling. For a person to be so in tuned to another’s very feelings, thoughts and silence is just amazing. Jennifer is able to make sense of words that don't even make sense to the person speaking them. She is wonderful at being sensitive to where a person is and is able to meet them right where they are.

I always talk about showing the face of God, and Jennifer does just that. Love is our highest calling, and Jennifer is able to adhere to and focus on that very thing. She helps you uncover the “true” meaning behind what is happening in life. That takes patience and inner guidance which she embodies. Meeting Jennifer has been a blessing and I wish her the best as she touches many lives, one person at a time.”

T.L., Woodbridge, VA

“I have had a lot of significant, life changing experiences in the last couple of years. During some of those changes, I felt out of touch with myself, unmotivated, and out of control in some of the biggest aspects of my life. Meeting with Jennifer has helped me refocus much of my negative energy and use it in proactive and productive ways. Since my coaching experience has started, I have made strides in becoming more comfortable with who I truly am as a unique individual, reconnecting and repairing broken family ties, and focusing less on things out of my control and more on things within my control. Because of this coaching I feel empowered to take control of who I am, and not let others dictate who they want me to be.”

K.M., Arlington, VA

“I never thought having a life coach would make much of an impact on my life. I am a person who has goals, direction, passion, and drive—all of which are key to a productive, successful, and happy life. However, Jennifer helped me organize those goals, hone my direction, ignite my passion, and instigate my drive. From the initial steps of re-acquainting me with my core values and assessing where I was going with various major aspects of my life, this experience has truly helped me reconnect with who I currently am as a person, and who I want that person to be in the future.”

E.B., Arlington, VA


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