“Storytelling” is everywhere. People tell stories with film, music, writing, art, and food. Then there are the literal oral stories that we tell each other as one of the richest ways humans have to connect. Most of us have experienced sitting around with loved ones swapping crazy stories about life’s adventures, or hearing our parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles enlighten us with how it was back in their day, or how much they had to go through to get us to where we are now. I take these true, personal stories and put ‘em on blast live on stage.

I used to feel uneasy about my perceived arrogance or presumptuousness of getting up on a stage and talking about myself. But then I realized that in making my voice heard, I make room for others’. I believe that everyone’s authentic voice is worthy of being heard. How can I believe that if I don’t give myself permission to do the same? I can’t. So storytelling is one of the ways I put my authentic voice into the world. It’s about the connection I make with the audience, but it’s also about the connection I make as an active listener of other people’s stories.

Engage with my stories and my voice, and bring out yours.


Designed by Track and Field. Photo by Christopher Yost III courtesy of Better Said Than Done.