I got my start officiating weddings when a family member asked me to officiate his wedding in 2010. The experience was nerve wracking, invigorating, fulfilling, beautiful, and amazing. It was actually pretty surreal. A year or so later, an old friend asked me to do the same...with the same results. Once I let myself see it and believe it, I knew I was on to something. I decided to make a go of officiating weddings for people who didn't know me personally, and might benefit from all that I bring to the ceremony.

Here is what I bring:

  • A background in storytelling. With my services, you can expect a truly one-of-a-kind ceremony. I get to know you as a couple, and then embody that to the fullest on your beautiful day by sharing your collective story. No other ceremony I do—ever—will be like yours because no other couple is you.

  • A true love of love. I am sappier than your average pine tree. My excitement and appreciation for who you are as a couple will shine through during your ceremony, and will have your guests in awe as they experience how much they care for you, and how perfect you are for each other.

  • An ability to compose and deliver a ceremony in such a way that puts you and your love center stage. I am adept at performing a ceremony that will put you at ease, capture and hold the attention of your guests, and amplify your love to let it speak for itself.

  • Professionalism. Period.


Designed by Track and Field. Photo by Cassidy DuHon Wedding Photography.